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Watch the great Video made by Ketil Teisen from the concert at the Museum of Modern Art, Louisianna, February 21. 2014:

Klezmofobia with guests

Klezmofobia - four different concerts and different audience:

Klezmofobia are doing great festival and arena performances - here from Mexico.

Klezmofobia make everybody sweat even at smaller venues - here from a venue concert in Budapest.
Klezmofobia do international show - framed for children - with no words - here a Klezmofobia Family Concert in Sweden.
Klezmofobia has developed a work-shop program which is shapeable to your wishes about length, number of persons, size of areal of the location etc. - here from a Workshop at a high school in Denmark.
Klezmofobia played at Tokio Jazz Festival September 2014 and in Osaka - read more in the Flyers here: Tokio - Osaka

Kartushnik was "CD der Woche vom 21. bis zum 27. Januar 2013" (CD of the week) at radio (great radio station in Berlin, Germany). If you are able to understand German, their review is here.

Don't forget to check out the many facets of Klezmofobia in the videosection ... enjoy "Schlomo Ben Avram" from Kartushnik ... and many more - or explore Klezmofobia on Youtube...




Live Review from the German Tour 2014:


- from "Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine" November 12. - in German - from the web and from the newspaper
- from "Waldeckische Landeszeitung und Frankenberger Zeitung" November 27. - in German - from the newspaper

Latest Live-Review from the Sweedish Tour from "Södermanlands Nyheter" Thursday October 18. - only in Sweedish...

Danish Music Awards World:
2013: Once again Klezmofobia was nominated for a Danish Music Award Worlds

this time for the world music album of the year with Kartushnik

Kartushnik cover

The Award took place in Jazzhouse November 26. 2013 - Read more (in Danish) here

2012:Klezmofobia was again nominated for a Danish Music Award Worlds

This time for their live performance


Tønder Kulturhus, November 10. 2012

The release party for the new album was sold out more than a week before the concert.


You can get a taste on the Klezmofobia Facebook-group! og at Tiger Music

Reviews? Have a look at "Gamereactor" here - and "Kultunaut", who gave 5 stars and wrote:

"...In other words Kartushnik is a needed contribution om a synth-dominated Danish music stage and is a safe bet on how "Folk Music" can be done cool and relevant in the year of 2012..." (Webmasters translation)

PS.: "Kartushnik" is the Jiddish word for a "High Roller" ... in Danish: Spillehaj" ...