Reviews of Kartushnik

Skrevet af Super User.

The first revies of Kartushnik are to be seen in Dansih:

Kultunaut gave 5 stars - "...In other words Kartushnik is a needed contribution on a synth-dominated Danish music stage and a is a safe bet on how "Folk Music" can be done cool and relevant in the year of 2012..."(my translation) - read the review here (September 28. 2012)

Gamereactor - "...above all the energy and the nerve in the music is universal and present..." (my translation) - read the review here (September 20. 2012) - "...Lead singer Channe Nussbaum has a convincing voice that makes every song sound magnificent...Klezmofobia and Kartushnik gets 4 of 6 stars for a successful experimental project..." - read the review in Danish here (October 19. 2012)


Kartushnik was "CD der Woche vom 21. bis zum 27. Januar 2013" - and there is a review in German (from, great radio station in Berlin):

"...IHRE Klezmer-Musik ist wilder und feuriger als jemals zuvor, wobei ihre Spielweise mittlerweile viel geschickter ist..."