Reviews of Tantz!

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In october 2006 Klezmofobia´s debut album "Tantz!" was released. It was sold out within a few weeks, and has since then sold app. 17.000 copies!
In november 2007 it was awarded with a “Danish World Music Award for best album 2007” (Grammy).


Gaffa: Excellent Klezmer for a single coin (november 2006)
..This danish orchestra rises above the ground with its debut, which is so damn well performed and with all the diasporas weltschmerz in clarinetplayer Kolerus´and trumpetplayer Ole Reimers mournful version of the classic tune A Terk in America.. Superior christmas gift from musicians out of this world...
Torben Holleufer

Geiger: Klezmofobia (january 2007)
”It grooves and it has this very peculiar blend from something melancholic and a happy circus-mood which caracterizes the klezmer music.” Geiger, music-site. Read the whole review here (in danish).

Soundvenue: Klezmer for a single coin (december 2006)
"...On top of this you hear the great clarinet-playing from Bjarke Kolerus and the trumpet of Ole Reimer, that brings you the sensation that you just landed in the jewish neighbourhood of New York or you got lost in an Ukrainian Shtetl…" Musicwebsite and magazine Soundvenue. Read the whole review here (in danish) Munter Jødisk Spillemandsmusik (june 2007)
”…It is a little bit hard to say, what it is – it is just a fact, that Klezmofobia does what it takes. And anyone, that might buy “Tantz!” will without doubt be affected with the broad smile that caracterices the album…
Morten Wamsler

MyMusic: The Cirkus Orchestra After Dark (may 2007)
A spicy mix of ethnic ingredients is poured into a pot where there is also a drumset and a distorted guitar. Klezmofobia are metropolitan-folkmusic, where some have spilled a few drops of rock and New York jazz. Listen immediately to, for example, Ukrainian Songs or one of my favorites Don Pedro - then you better understand what I mean.
Johannes Neergaard”