Reviews of Ganze Velt

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Information: Fiddler on a surfboard (december 2008)
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Extraordinary competent second album from the danish klezmerband Klezmofobia …A warmblooded danish-jewish diva in a sensual declaration of love to her former Palestinian lover. A band consisting of anything but lost folk musicians escaping over the fence in an intoxicating stream of surfrock, ska and hints to serbian farmer-rock, played as if it were a slivovitz-affected day on the marketplace in Guca. And at the same time solidly connected to the roots of danish folkmusic…. Welcome to the world of Klezmofobia… It is an excellent album. Spiel mit mir, Klezmofobia…
Torben Holleufer.

Gaffa: A Solid Klezmer-album from the best klezmerband in Denmark.. (febuary 09)
Behold! there is party! - in such an extent, that in a moment of weakness you no longer only glance at the dream of living out the romantic gypsy life.
Ivan Rod.

Geiger: Ganze Velt (febuary 09):
”You can easily call the Danish klezmer-band Klezmofobia a success story and a funny one of its kind ... this modern klezmer, which You normally can import from highly specialized labels like John Zorn Tzadik, suddenly had a strong Danish Representative ... The music was actually ... fuckin great.” Rasmus Steffensen

Politiken: Gypsyrock brings You Energy (december 2008)
one should be shown in an extremely bad mood, not to be infected by Klezmofobias ability of playing pop and rock influenced music with a gypsy unbridled and yet completely unstressed energy
(Dorte Hygum Sørensen) gratifying Deja-vu (january 2009)
.. grand listening experience…
(Morten Wamsler)

Ox-Fanzine: ******** May 2009
Kay Werner

inMusic: ... eine absolut lebendige Mixtur aus Klezmer, Pop, Balkan, Surf und Rock ..
( 5 von 6 Punkten)

Jazzthing: .. so macht Klezmer Spaß.

West-Zeit september 2009
„Schnelle Stücke und ausgeprägte Balladen (...) belegen die Melancholie und den Tanzcharakter des Klezmer."

Roots Zone: Uniqe intrepetation of klezmermusic.. (august 2009).
Put the music on - and then get out on the dancefloor!
Søren Jensen Lund