Klezmofobia live on Louisiana museum of modern ART

Skrevet af Kenneth.

The Bandet is for the occasion expanded to 11 musicians: Morten Carlsen sax,Jonatan Ahlbom tuba, Erik Axelsson trombone,George Mihalache cymbalon, Ole Reimer trumpet, Bjarke Kolerus clarinet, Mette Smidl violin, Jonatan Aisen drums , Andreas Ugorskij Guitar,


National Mexican Tv

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Live in Mexican TV, Animal Nocturno, Azteca 13, May 2008

The TV-show "Animal Nocturno" with hosts Ricardo Rocha and Paty Llaca. Broadcasted to Mexico, LatinAmerica and USA.

Klezmofobia in National Danish TV

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Klezmofobia performed as the 'wedding band' in the tv serie 'livvagterne' (Bodyguards), broadcasted on national danish tv january 2009

Ganze Velt tour 2010-11

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Klezmofobia is proud to announce that the tour for the coming year
brings around 'di ganze velt' -
from april 2010 to february 2011 we will play festivals and venues in
Mexico, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, China, Corea and Norway.
You can check out our concert schedule - and see this little teaser, a video taken in Mexico