The first single of our coming album is now out!

We celebrate 20 years together as a band, playing countless concerts and bringing people together! Our new Album, "Biz 120," will be released this autumn, 2024. The title means "may you be 120 years old" in Jiddisch. Until then you can tune in to your favourite streaming platform and listen to a new single every month.

The first one is "Ugorskij Klezmer." Inspired by old traditional Klezmer dance tunes, it is a spirited mosaic of poetic and wild songs—all put together by the man on the cover: our guitarist Andreas Ugorskij.

Don't forget to check our concert schedule. We are probably playing in a neighbourhood near you very soon!

Here is a live trip down memory lane - and from Die Ganze Velt!

10th April 2024

Liebe Mame

Listen the song "Liebe Mame"!

Channe Nussbaum writes songs in Yiddish and sings them, among others, with Klezmofobia. ‘Liebe Mame’ is a tribute to ‘the universal mother’ and is delivered by Klezmofobia with punky Balkan energy. The bass-balalaika, horns, and fiery guitar create a lively sound. Well, it can be a little complicated with those mothers sometimes, as you might know...

The EP “Biz 120” will be released in November. The title translates to “may you live to be 120 years old.” Once again, it is produced by the amazing producer team of Johan Bæk, Emil Bæk, and Jeppe Mangurten Tørsleff.

Join us in celebrating our 20-year journey as a band, marked by countless concerts and the joy of bringing people together through music! This autumn, in 2024, we're releasing our new album, "Biz 120," a title that wishes for a long and prosperous life in Jiddisch. In the meantime, stay tuned to your favourite streaming platform for a new single every month.

10th May 2024

Remember to check our concert schedule!