Klezmofobia has teamed up with a young Danish production team to release an EP of newly written music. The music embraces irresistible klezmer chain dance, punky energy and beautiful ballads that take the listener on a dreamy flight through Eastern Europe's grassy mountains and valleys.

New EP soon to be released!

Press (click to download):

New EP Press EN

Ny Ep Presse DK

What the press say:

"...Extraordinary, competent second album from the Danish Klezmerband Klezmofobia. A warmblooded Danish-Jewish diva in a sensual declaration of love to her former Palestinian lover. A band consisting of anything but lost folk musicians escaping over the fence in an intoxicating stream of surf-rock, ska, and hints to Serbian farmer-rock, played as if it were a Slivovitz-affected day on the marketplace in Guca. Welcome to the world of Klezmofobi. It is an excellent album. Spiel mit mir, Klezmofobia…” review in Information

"... Eye-opening and growing vocal. And then... Speed. People start jumping. Channe Nussbaum dances in all her fantastic womanliness, and the clarinet and the trumpet seem to be in some kind of duel, a Klezmer showdown, where everybody wins. Oi, oi, oi!" Live review.

“…Music like strong coffee – Klezmofobia thrilled the crowd”, live review, Germany.

”Danish world-class Klezmer”, headline in Politikenolitiken, 16.1.2009